woke up in outsidelands

37.76° N, 122.47° W

bands: The Killers, Arctic Monkeys; wearing: vintage kimono, h&m tank, aritzia shorts

From an early age I was exposed to the music world.  When I was a child it was playing classical piano, accompanying a stringed orchestra, and attending the symphony with my parents.  As I grew up, this evolved into a full-blown love affair with music festivals.  Music festivals bring together a vast range of talented artists and a fantasy world is created sweeping all attendees into a blissful utopia. 

There is a sort of high I get from looking out into a sea of people in a musical trance.  This spawned my addiction to getting on stage.  Getting to see the bands behind the scenes prepping for their performance fascinates me.   I’ve realized if you go anywhere and pretend you belong, people will not ever question you. 


37.45° N, 122.18° W

Today I headed from San Francisco to the offices of Facebook in Silicon Valley.  It reminded me of the Google offices in the movie “The Internship”.  Inside there was everything from a dentist office, a gym, bike shop, restaurants, vending machines with ipods, and napping rooms.  Everything is free inside.  It’s like self-sufficient little city that has everything you need.  I think employees could live there and never need to go home. After that we headed back to the Golden Gate Bridge to watch the clouds role in. The San Francisco Bay area of California’s weather fluctuates so much depending on the time of day and how far inland you head.  I’ve found it essential to carry a hat and jacket at all times because I really don’t like being cold.